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Wagon Shimmns

Wagon is designed for transportation of steel coils loaded in horizontal position, which must be protected against weather conditions. For protection purpose and closing of wagon, tarpaulin with supports and wheels is installed and locked at the front ends of the wagon. Anti-condensation layer in the upper part of the tarpaulin is for prevention of condensate falling onto steel coils. In the open position tarpaulin frees more that 3/5 of loading length of the wagon.

Wagon is equipped with 5 cradles covered with rubber or plywood for reception of steel coils. Coil securing mechanism for prevention of side movement of the coils is infinitely variable and can be accessible from both sides of the wagon.

With it's design, manufacture and equipment, the wagon meets the existing TSI, UIC, EN and GCU.

Track gauge: 1435 mm
Number of axles: 4
Length over buffers: 12040 mm
Axle base: 7000 mm
Loading width min.: 352 mm
Loading width max.: 2052 (2400) mm
Axle load: 22.5 t
Tare weight: 22 t
Total weight: 90 t
Curvature radius: 35 m
Bogie type: Y25 Lsi(f)-C
Brake: compact
Max. speed (unloaded/loaded): 120/100 kmph
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