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Wagon Hbis-z

Wagon Hbis-z is suitable for transporting of cases, pallets and single packages. The narrow roof structure and large loading opening (6280 x 2760 mm) enables easy and simple loading and unloading of wagon.
Wagon is equipped with two sliding doors on each side. Doors are made of aluminum sections and plates. Two-part sliding doors can be locked and unlocked by hand lever at the end walls. Before turning of lever, safety must be lifted and lever must be released. Slide doors can be freely moved along wagon guidances after unlocking. Wagon is equipped with mechanism which disables turning of lever when sliding doors are not in closing position. Sliding doors and lever handling can be controlled by one person.

Track gauge: 1435 mm
Number of axles: 2
Length over buffers: 14020 mm
Tread circle diameter: 920 mm
Wagon height: 4270 mm
Max. width: 3060 mm
Loading capacity: 93 m3
Height above top of rail: 1230 mm
Tare weight: 15 t ± 8%
Max. payload: 25 t
Max. speed: unloaded-loaded:   120/100 kmph
Wheelbase: 8000 mm
 Download: Hbis-z wagon technical description PDF file (377K)
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