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Wagon Habbinss-z

Cargo wagon Habbinss-z with maximal loading capacity of 62.5 tons is designed with floor for optimal loading of pallets. 63 EUR pallets (800x1200 mm) or 42 industrial pallets (1000x1200 mm) can be loaded.

Wagon is ideal for transportation of paper, cellulose, home appliances, automobile parts etc.

Track gauge: 1435 mm
Number of axles: 4
Length over buffers: 23264 mm
Maximal wagon width:   3038 mm
Loading capacity: 161.4 m3
Loading opening: 10808 x 2800 mm
Height above top of rail: 1202 mm
Tare weight: 27.5 t
Max. payload: 62.5 t
Max. speed: 120 kmph
 Download: Habbinss-z wagon technical description PDF file (336K)
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