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Wagon Falns 64

The wagon is designed for transport of limestone and different types of bulk goods solid to atmospheric influences. Unloading of the wagon goes on principle of natural gravity at unloading places (underground storages), while it must be secured undisturbed discharge of load beneath top track level. Cargowagon load is done through upper storages or beam loaders that secure evenly disposition of the load.

The wagon is equipped with locking device that through lever system provides opening - closing of doors on both lateral sides of the wagon at the same time. The locking device is pneumatically operated.

The wagon construction is in accordance with all applicable regulations TSI, EN, UIC, GCU.

Track gauge: 1435 mm
Number of axles: 4
Length over buffers: 12100 mm
Bogies distance: 7060 mm
Height above top of rail: 4080 mm
Load opening length: 10080 mm
Load opening width: 1600 mm
Case length: 10210 mm
Wagon case volume: 64 m3
Tare weight: 20.2 tons ± 1.5%
Max. payload: 70 tons
Maximal speed, loaded: 100 kmph
Maximal speed, unloaded: 120 kmph
 Download: Falns 64 wagon technical description PDF file (558K)
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