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Wagon Faccns

The wagon is intended for transportation of sand 0-2,0 mm granular quality, gravel 8-20 mm granular quality and gravel 18-32 mm granular quality, all in bulk and weather resistant.

Cargo is loaded by means of an opening on the upper part of wagon body. Reloading is performed outside the track, by means of two gate valves (on either side of the wagon), as well as fixed and auxiliary funnels located in the lower part of the wagon body.

With it's design, manufacture and equipment, the wagon meets the existing TSI, UIC and AVV regulations.

Track gauge: 1435 mm
Number of axles: 4
Length over buffers: 14000 mm
Bogies distance: 9200 mm
Height above top of rail: 4095 mm
Body load length: 11995 mm
Body load width: 1600 mm
Wagon body capacity: 53 m3
Axle load: 22.5 tons
Tare weight: 21 tons
Max. payload: 69 tons
Maximal speed, loaded: 100 kmph
Maximal speed, unloaded: 120 kmph
 Download: Faccns wagon technical description PDF file (831K)
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