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Wagon Eamos-z

Wagon Eamos-z is destined for transport of loose goods, which don't change slide properties essentially under atmospheric agents influence, such as gravel, broken stones and similar materials.

Wagon loading can be achieved by free drop of goods from tanks, by wheel loader or from mobile band. Loading means volume cannot be higher than 6 m3, height from wheel loader to wagon floor can't be over 2 m. Wagon discharging is accomplished with toppling over of wagon basket, by air cylinders, on either side of railway track.

Track gauge: 1435 mm
Number of axles: 4
Length over buffers: 13040 mm
Length over chest beams:    11800 mm
Bogies distance: 8000 mm
Wagon width: 3060 mm
Wagon basket volume: 32 m3
Height above top of rail: 2890 mm
Tare weight: 31 t
Max. payload: 49 t (59 t)
Curvature radius: 60 m
 Download: Eamos-z wagon technical description PDF file (262K)
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