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Tank Degman

MBT Degman brings out successfully accomplished combination of tank M-84 and modern trends and solutions. It distinguishes with low silhouette, small mass, high density power train and powerful main armament.
Implementing of advanced gun fire controls with thermal imaging sights and MCS, improved turret drives, RRAK explosive reactive armour, protection systems, communication equipment and other, gave a tank with amazing characteristics.


Combat weight: 44.5 tons
Combat weight: 3
Drive: diesel engine 735 kW
Top speed: 70 kmph
Armament: smooth bore tank gun 125 mm
coupled machine gun PKT 7.62 mm
antiaircraft machine gun 12.7 mm
Gun loading: automatic
Firing speed: 8 shells per minute
Fire control
automatic, electrohydraulic
 Download: MBT Degman tehnical description PDF file (92K)
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