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Quality Assurance System

Confirmation for management systems as per EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001System of quality management has been implemented through production of battle tank, it is completely documented and corresponds to the requirements of the international family of norm ISO 9001.

DD Special Vehicles is the first company within Republic of Croatia with Certificate ISO 9001 in the field of research, design, production and maintenance of special vehicles and military equipment and civil engineering machinery and steel structures. Certification audit was performed by RW TV Essen. Exposed to harsh production conditions and the increased market competence, it is quite evident that quality plays decisive role, besides price and delivery terms, in success of the company on the market. In compliance with such conditions quality politics and goals of quality management represent integral component of business strategy and philosophy.

Quality policy is based on the following principles:

  • Quality of products and services is the paramount task of all business and production structures on all levels of organization within company. Its realization is precondition for fulfillment of quality requirements and expectations of the customers and end users,
  • It is necessary to establish absolutely precise and accurate quality requirements and to obey them in production process exactly as specified,
  • Products must be manufactured according to quality requirements from the first time, so as to avoid additional costs in serial production,
  • Responsibilities and authorities for quality management must be clearly defined and unconditionally fulfilled on all levels of quality assurance,
  • Permanent and appropriate direction of personnel policy ensures creativity and quality of work in the field of quality management. Financial policy ensures on time investment into optimal programs for improvement of quality requirements,
  • Due to importance of quality and for the purpose of evaluation of efficiency of quality management system internal audits of the quality management system are regularly to be performed..

Goals of quality policy are:

  • To attain desirable quality and reliability of the product through realization of requirements in all stages of development, production and usage of the product, fulfillment of project requirements, norms and regulations, and contractual stipulations between the buyer and customer,
  • Achievement of economic quality and efficient usage of available capacities under the least possible waste and costs, with constant application of modern methods and equipment for quality assurance and reliability of product,
  • Fulfilling expectations of the customers products of SV d.d. must become reference for future contracts, ensuring thus competitiveness on domestic and foreign markets. Quality policy and goals are defined and approved by Board of Directors and management of the company DD Special Vehicles under simultaneous participation and undertaking of measures to ensure acceptance of these goals and policy, their realization and consistency.

Implementation of the approved quality policy is realized and documented in the Quality Handbook for the selected model of quality assurance in accordance with the norm ISO 9001 (i.e. EN 29001), which includes organizational structure, authorities and responsibilities, procedures, activities, potentials and means for realization of quality policy. The described quality policy is foundation for planning, implementation and documentation of all activities and the permanent improvement of quality of products and services in the company limited by shares DD Special Vehicles.


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