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Armoured Modular Vehicle Patria AMV 8x8

Armoured modular vehicle Patria AMV 8x8 is a multipurpose military vehicle, production of which is based on cooperation with the Finnish company PATRIA LAND &ARMAMENT OY, realized through transfer of technology.

In production of AMV 8x8 vehicles the most up to date technologies have been applied. Vehicle features maximal capacity of payload, simultaneous integration of the high level armour with high level of mine protection and incorporation of heavy weapon platform - without jeopardizing of vehicle mobility.а

The basic feature of the vehicle AMV 8x8 is its modular design, which enables installation of equipment for various missions on the same vehicle platform.

Typical basic configurations of the vehicle include:

    • AIFV-12.7, with remote weapon station 12,7 mm
    • AIFV-30, Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle, armed with 30 mm automatic gun
    • AICV, Armoured Infantry Command Vehicle
    • AAV, Armoured Ambulance Vehicle
    • ARRV, Armoured Repair & Recovery Vehicle
    • ATGMV, Anti-Tank Guided Missile Vehicle


 Download: Armoured Modular Vehicle Patria AMV 8x8 technical description PDF file (846K)
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